Wednesday, February 16, 2011

yarn store

it seems that i'm finished (for now at least ) with hats. they are awesome and i may need to make one more, but not just yet. re-knitting the second one that i did, well it did me in.
mittens on the other hand :) are still going strong. i bartered one of the hats with amythefibergoddess for two skeins of her wool/alpaca blend. i'm using 3.25mm needles and will hopefully get the gauge and fabric i want. it's starting to warm up here, but i know that these babies will still get lots of wear. maybe even on my hands!
today i went to a yarn store. really. as i was strolling about, touching and fondling skeins of yarn it dawned on me that i had not been in a yarn store in..... i can't even remember. i shop online, at festivals and in amy's back porch, but not in an honest-to-goodness yarn store. it was fun. really fun. i found lots of new things, missed some of my old favorites and needed another hour. i did come out with a bag full of goodness. some berroco peruvia in charcoal for another vest, several skeins of boku just because i've always wanted to try it and today was my day. of course, the twenty percent sale was the motivator to get me in the door. i may just stop back again.

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