Wednesday, June 23, 2010


i have several projects on the needles... simple socks, patterned socks, sweater.... and others that are languishing in their baskets. i just can't seem to focus my energy to make any progress. every time i pick it (and it doesn't matter which 'it') i only seem to muster the ability to complete a few rows. hmmmm. at this rate, it will take me f o r e v e r to get them done!
then there is my fiber. not having done any spinning since the shepard's market, i was eager to get to the guild meeting this month. i debated each ball for color, fiber type, fun factor.... and took them all with me. never spun. not one turn of the wheel. i was too busy doing much of nothing to ever sit down.
so, yesterday i finished two bobbins of my very first longmeadow farms roving. i'm working this into singles so the spinning goes fast. the next challenge is choosing my tour de fleece project. 23 days of dedicated spinning.
i can not wait!!!

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Marmie said...

Maybe it's this darn weather! I need to look into le tour de fleece. I've never done it and it may be just what I need!

Lovely spinning, by the way!