Sunday, March 21, 2010

finished in time

when i started this vest, i set a goal of one week to really push myself. it seems that i was a bit of a slacker on the olympic thing, so i wanted to see sweat this time. i finished promptly one week after starting and I LOVE THIS. the yarn (thankyou amy) is amazingly soft and i hope will be a selling point for her product at upcoming events. i carted it off to the guild meeting, where it was tried on by a few of us. it looks great on lots of different body types and the pattern really does lend itself well to some tweaking. this one is a bit shorter and i ended up using way less yarn. go figure.
and since it was off the needles, i immediately needed another project to keep me going.

so i cast on this.... yes it is another vest this time in kraemer- mauch chunky. i got the pattern last year when i visited the mill and wanted to do it. well, as luck would have it, one of the vendors at the meeting was moving this yarn at a great price ( half off a skein) and yes, i added lots to the stash. at first i was afraid that it was going to look 'aunt ceil' . this reference has long been held in my family as the hand-made garments our elderly aunt would make out of any piece of left over clothe or yarn she could find. she would work it up into the most hideous gift and we'd be stuck. the most memorable was the 1976 blouse that she made for my cousin's high school graduation...... in 1979.
so my dear honey assured me that this is not at all in that category, so onward i knit. and with the change in the weather, it looks like i'll get to wear it.

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