Thursday, March 4, 2010

the afterglow

since i finished my olympic project before the flame was extinguished, i launched into another gator. see, just like potato chips i can't stop doing them! eldest child decided that one was needed for warmth, and this was the yarn chosen. it is a merino/tencel blend from spinning bunny in the colorway ~ clematis. i had forgotten that i had spun this, but the puppy found my yarn basket and dug it out for us. all of my yarn has now been safely stowed into sealed containers behind locked doors until better fiber manners are learned.
it's that clemence pattern again, but with the long stripes in the yarn the end product looks totally different. there was quite a bit leftover, so......
a baby hat. my nephew and his lovely wife are adding to their family. the consensus was that this was gender-neutral and perfect for an april babe. i'm stitching some burp clothes to accompany it and should get this in the mail soon.

while i was in the spinning mood i started this.... a new creation from longmeadow farms ~ wool, silk, bamboo blend. it is lovely to spin. maybe another gator????

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Linda Monroe said...

I love the colors. Very nice.