Sunday, March 14, 2010

at it again

part way into the olympic knitting, i knew that i would be doing the vest again. i've tried to examine my need for immediately repeating a project. it helps to cement the pattern into my brain, i can remember any changes that i just made to said pattern, i can stay in the rhythm of the project and usually i get a gift done. my sister has often been the lucky recipient of my repetitious nature. sadly, now that i have actually measured myself her luck seems to be changing.

so the vest. i'm always looking for a way to dress up my work look and i love a good vest. i chose this pattern for the olympic knitting because i've admired it for ages, but never cast it on. it fits great! i like the coverage at the shoulders and the way it contours to my torso without being too clingy or too baggy. it was a tad long, so i'll shorten up the next ones. :)

as i was deciding what yarn i had in the stash to do another from, amythefibergoddess dropped by with some luscious wool/alpaca blend yarn fresh from the mill. i ooooed and ahhhhhed, but let her leave with it! duh. so i quickly put in my order and by having to wait it allowed my time to finish my guild project which i can't post about yet.

the fiber is a combination of three wool fleeces ranging in color from light to dark gray and a black alpaca fleece.

i actually got gauge with a 4.0 mm needle, so first thing friday i cast on. the correct number this time. see, that is why i keep doing the two-fer, i can get it right the second time. i'm cruising along now. the yarn is extremely soft, but has a lovely body. can i finish in a week??

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Marmie said...

That vest is gorgeous! You are a productive machine!