Thursday, October 8, 2009

something so sweet

remember those baby hats that i knit this summer?
well the recipients have arrived. my nephew and his wife welcomed two charming lads into our family. eli arrived first, followed quickly by isaac. all are hale and hearty and learning to love the new life they've entered.

here's the charming part of the story. i really vacillated about hand-knitting a gift. it's almost expected now (at least in my family), but i wonder if it is enjoyed. i even considered doing the dudes sweaters, but stopped at the hats. the mom was thrilled when i gave her the gift and time rolled on. well, grandma just told me that the new parents packed those hand knit hats and took them to the hospital and sure enough, auntie caroline's hats were on their little heads. i hope you can hear how very touched i am that those hats with all the love and hope and joy and very best energy knit in them, made it onto those two new heads!

i may just need to make those sweaters!!

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