Sunday, April 19, 2009

spinning saturday

sunny, warming temperatures....perfect day for spinning! i finished ~summer stream~ the blue wool/alpaca blend from sandy long. i have 1,156 yds of a light worsted weight, 2 ply yarn. i've been contemplating a special project for a dear family member. it's a landmark birth-year, so what could be more perfect than a handknit, handspun garment. this is definately her colorway, now i just have to decide what garment to make. i have actually left myself enough time to do this one right!
i just needed something fun. fun to do, happy to spin and there sat this pencil roving. it's lollypops by louet. i'm always tickled to see this.....
turn into this! i'm thinking that i'll two-ply it. and i may even need more. this is just wonderful to spin and on sale (pollywogs) it doesn't get much better!

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