Monday, January 19, 2009

batts of mystery

cc won this lovely fiber at the guild auction. it is a hand-carded batt from the talented sandy of longmeadow farms. it really is a mish~mash of colors.... blue, red, bronze, silver, all tossed together into this ohsoeasy to spin product. i got right at it

here we have the single bobbin

and them both. i'm very interested to see how it ply's. i'm planning on doing this in a two ply. i enjoy spinning sandy' one-of-a-kind fiber. her goal is to have each batch be unique so that no two spinners will run into each other at a festival in their handspun garment and see their image. i admire the ideal, but it makes it challenging when you don't have quite enough to finish that one project.
my side benefit of cc's fiber purchases may be coming to an end. since she is coming to the meetings, we've ganged up on her, opps.... i mean we've gently encouraged her to give it a whirl ( pun intended). we may have a new addict, errr... spinner!

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