Friday, January 9, 2009


i have an eclectic love of music. it is the tapestry of my life, weaving images and events together in a random yet seamless way. considering that my formative years were marked with easy listening tunes, then there was the tragic john denver/barry manilow years, it all contributed to move me in a path of discovery. the classical from select choir, the pops, polkas and marches from band, the heavy metal when i found out radios had other stations. jazz, rap, salsa, i love to dabble in it all. which brings me to my knitting.

there is a bonjovi tune 'who says you can't go home' with a line about revisiting the past, going back ... and that is my focus for my fiber this year.

going back, looking at old books, magazines, patterns, fiber. something that i tried once and hated or tried and loved. playing around with different ideas and fabrics. mixing the jazz and reggae or tossing in a little aerosmith to pump it up.

jess was over for a new year's knit and brought along a 2005 vogue knitting magazine with several items that tickled her fancy. i'll admit, i thought she had gone off the deep end. vogue knitting? what could there be in that? well, lo and behold, i had the same magazine. a gift from an older and wiser knitter who thought i could some day find something in it's pages.
so my path this year is to reach back. try something old.

and maybe find something new.

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