Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mary Land 2017

The annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was this past weekend. I anticipate this trip more and more each year. To get away with fiber folk, discover new projects, patterns, techniques, re-fill the fiber just doesn't get old. The weather was dismal. Wind, rain and chilly temperatures probably kept some at bay, but our car full was determined to enjoy every last minute.
 we enjoyed dinner at a stellar veggie friendly, gluten free restaurant the Kathy had visited before. I know, those restrictions sound like we would be left with a lettuce leaf to eat, but the menu was extensive and the meals..... well, lets just say we ate there Saturday night as well : )
We arrived at the fairgrounds close to opening, not sure what the new admission charge would mean in terms of lines and waiting. We got right in and made our way to the vendors that we considered as 'must see'. First stop was Into the Whirled. Last year our little travel group purchased the same colorway in roving with the plan to knit the same pattern. We did (surprisingly enough)  and decided it was a tradition worth keeping. Heirloom Ornamental is on the horizon for 2018. after that major decision and purchase, we all wandered on. I found myself at the basket ladies holding choosing between two that I swore I did not need and would not buy. So at least I had something to fill carry. Last year my friend purchased a lovely woven wrap. I debated and decided that it was something I did not need to add to my wardrobe. This year it was a different story.
jesamie handwovens creates stunning works of wearable art and I left with one. With those tasks out of the way, I wandered about taking my time to enjoy each part of the show.
we finished the day cold, wet and weary..... ready to get into our jammies and .....
relax with a glass of wine with a side of show and tell!
It seems that in showing the fleece sale to our travel companion they talked each other into splitting one. So... what do we do for fun on a Saturday night?

split and roll! And if you are so enraptured by your new acquisition, you wash some locks, dry, spin and ply them before breakfast!
What can I say.... it's how we go. We enjoyed a quiet morning at the festival and I believe it was even colder. I had a moment and came home with yarn for two sweaters and Dragonfly Fibers exclusive festival colorway.
Dare I say the best trip ever!!

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Karen Haggas said...

Always, always goes too fast. We are a brave band of hearty souls who can withstand any type of weather and can, truly, shop til we drop! Loved the trip and loved the company even more!