Wednesday, January 11, 2017

catching up and knitting on...

I loved the idea behind the manic panic cowl... using up lots of little skeins and having a wearable item at the end. the problem is that I want to do almost anything but knit on that cowl. Even though I'm at the half way point, it don't feel like I'm getting any where at all!!!!

not hard or tooooo monotonous, I just find that if there is a bit of distraction there is a fair amount of fixing. so what have I been doing instead?
this came off the loom and made my heart happy
I've resorted to using the yard decorations for models. After asking for all sorts of opinions on how and what to warp the loom with, I used two different colors that seemed very close. one is striped (warp) the other was a muted solid in a close color.
this is a more accurate expression of the colors. totally dig that vibrant green nestled in the dark purple. The yarn is a discontinued line from Blue Moon. BFL fingering that is surprisingly soft. I am so tempted to warp the remainder, but... still got that cowl to knit. I even resorted to spinning....
this a ITW rimfisher that needs to be off this wheel. Been working on it way to long and it needs to be a shawl before May.
this is all I have left to finish. Which leaves me lots of time to knit. on the cowl. Before I start any other projects. I swear!

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Karen Haggas said...

Feeling your pain on that cowl! Love, love the wrap - beautiful work and great colorway! The background on that first weave photo looks a wee bit like...the tropics. Had me fooled - I thought maybe you were on St. Thomas!