Saturday, October 3, 2015

my 'new' loom

back in august, i heard about a rigid heddle loom for sale. this has been on my wish list for about two years, in fact i've been using a borrowed loom for over a year. the original owner was clearing out equipment that she just didn't use anymore and was intending to send it to salvation army. gasp! i still can barely type that without getting shaky :) as soon as i met her, i knew that this was meant for me. in the car it went, home it came, and there is has sat for over a month.
i'd look at it, ponder how to make it come alive, read some books, research online, watch you tubes...... i just could not wrap my brain around it. in my defense, the brain was a little bit full with life! this week i decided that i was just going to stop trying so hard to figure it out and just jump in. a visit from a friend confirmed my suspicions that i was making a way bigger deal out of this.
i went out and found some yarn that i had won in the guild auction years ago. it was just what i wanted to use on the first run. so here we go....

and finally.......
i love this.... truly and deeply. the schacht cricket it fun, quick and portable. this is too, and it has a wider frame and heddle. i find that the entire process looks great right from the beginning. the yarn is rustic wool that is fabulous... very raw and natural. i'm just enjoying the process and will be happy with whatever this turns out to be.
why did i wait so long!

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