Monday, October 12, 2015

first finished project

i've been scolding myself for waiting so long (and losing precious weaving time) in setting my new loom up. i used wool from my stash that was one of the very first things i won at the annual january auction when i joined the guild. there were three skeins of very rustic wool, fairly coarse in texture and the colors were bland. i didn't want to waste 'good' yarn, and theses skeins and been kicking around for several years... perfect for this project. even as i was going along, everyone commented on how awesome this looked, what was is going to be, and my favorite 'can i have it?' really, my family does not go without much in the name of knitted, handspun woolens.... they are just getting too used to them!
so the new-to-me loom is lovely and we are getting on so well. this just was so much fun to do. when i took it off, i gave it a good bath in wool wash, and set it in the sun to dry. the yarn was quite filthy and once clean filled out, becoming much softer.
and the bland colors worked well together... each bringing out the color of the other.
no plans yet, but i think this will be a keeper as it is the first. the loom didn't sit empty for long....
i wanted to try using the entire width. again, no real plans just fun to play!

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Rebekah said...

Glad that you learned how to use your loom! Gorgeous scarf!