Thursday, January 1, 2015

oh the new year....

we're still not finished with holiday celebrations, my family christmas is this weekend at our home. i've just finished the pans of lasagne, one more sweet is in the oven and i'm sitting here with my knitting and a cup of tea.
my christmas craft is wrapped and under the tree. i'll reveal all the details as soon as the recipient has opened it! i went out on a limb with my choice this year..... and i'm totally okay with it not working out and needing to be exchanged (i really love what i did :)
got together with my fiber peeps last week... we had lunch and spinning. i realized that i hadn't had a had a chance to catch up in forever!
we were gifted with fabulous hand-crafted mugs. yes, it really does say that.
i'm completely in love with my holiday fiber! i recieved 8 ounces of knit-picks roving. the emerald is just stunning and a dream to spin. i got two colorways, the emerald and a merlot. i already had an emerald so it will give me a nice amount of yarn to play with.
so speaking of yarn. my sister sent me an email with an item that she found on pintrist. i don't do the pintrist knowing what a deep, black hole that would be for me to fall in. and sure enough, down i went. before i knew what happened, i've found the item on ravelry, downloaded the pattern, found the yarn, drove to the store
yep, i got started. i'm not so quick to succomb to a new project when i have one in the que and several on the needles. i have but one going.... and it's lace (need i say more)
i didn't read the fine print (or really pay attention) that it's stranded. so i'm reacquanting myself with two-handed knitting.

how pretty it that? inpira cowl knit with lion brand (i know) amazing. it has a lovely halo and for a commercial blend ... very nice. of course i went off the bend and purchased enough to make three of these. considering the wow factor, i may just find myself knitting on!



thecrazysheeplady said...

Love it all! :-D

Happy New Year!!!

Diane said...

Granted, you aren't that far away, but I do wish we lived'd be much more of a bad influence, or is that a good influence, than you already are!