Friday, January 30, 2015

knitting,... but not for me

At our last guild meeting, two lovely ladies shared the results of last donation project. members have been knitting wee tiny hats for the NICU at our regional medical  center. the hats were well received, and some industrious knitter had added a wee tiny set of mittens. well, i guess the nurse manger jumped on them and inquired if we could make more. it seems the little folks tug on tubes, scratch themselves and can just need those hands covered! i never got my hat finished, so i was determined to make mitts! i was off to the local michaels to find super soft acrylic yarn. while there was lots, the colors were so bland. really, really bland. i knew that there was just no way  it would be challenging for me to slog through any project with those colors. so i kept snooping around, touching, considering and finally found what i needed. i even polled random folks in the store (i chose the ones that i was related too :) to determine if the yarn had a high 'fun' quotient. so with yarn success i now needed a pattern. i did not take any that were brought to the meeting, so i searched online and finally made up my own......
how small are they really???
pretty darn small. they are just so cute that i've easily made two sets. i'm changing needle sizes to make them smaller ... but aren't they dear? i can just picture them on a tiny hand. needless to say i've got lots of yarn left, so i'll keep going. right now i've been working on that cowl for amy. it is super easy, very meditative, and there is just reason it isn't done.
i'm close. just need to complete the picot border and i can put it in her hands. then i can decide what i'll be putting next on my needles.... i'm contemplating a mobieus scarf.

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Sheepmom said...

Wow, those are small. Good for you! Going to get your money's worth out of that skein. ;-)