Friday, November 7, 2014

New England Fiber Fest

The whirl-wind of fall fiber festivals is finally come to an end. I feel like our festival starts the fall season and the festival in New England at the Big E wraps it up. This was the fourth year that i've helped sandy do the show, but the fifth year it's been in around. driving to springfield, mass we reminisced how far sandy's business has come. the first year it was like watching a clown car unload..... stuff just kept coming out. she had wooden coat racks and ironing board, an antique clothes washer, ceramic yarn bowls, roving, yarn, buttons..... it was crazy! last year we traveled with her new trailer packed full of the same stuff, but it was so much easier to unload.

the finished display is stunning! she added the tent this year, and we strung twinkle lights inside for added charm.
it's still stuffed full with all the yarn, fiber, buttons you can imagine. sandy has such a way with her colors. it was great to hear and see familiar customers and a few returned with finished items. the weekend always starts slow, and the atmosphere is calm.... such a difference from some shows.
we had plenty of time to visit other vendors throughout the weekend. i came home with several new scarves for work, delightful soap and even some yarn to try my hand at core spinning ( i hear tell there's a youtube video to show me how :)
i even accomplished some serious knitting. i was at the part in my wrap were it was all short rows..... lots and lots of short rows. super mindless and a perfect fit for the weekend.
it's done and blocking. and yes, we will be going back next year!

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Manise said...

What a beautiful booth. It was lovely to bump into you yet again Caroline!