Wednesday, November 12, 2014


so that wrap... the sample from webs that i just had to do? done, in just under a month. this wrap has some miles on it.... appointments, piano lessons, skating lessons, fiber festivals..... if it could only talk. then again, it's probably better that it doesn't.
i started with the triangles and attached the next as you go along. it just didn't get old. i loved seeing the next one form, the colors are completely random in the skeins, so i couldn't be all organized and have it band a certain way. ( and believe me, i had to really let that go :)
it started to get awkward when i had about 13 triangles as i had to shift the entire row as i worked it in the round.
the main body was done in short rows... perfect mindless knitting for the car, the booth, wherever i needed to be able to put it down. pick it up and not be lost. the stretch of gentle weather is ending and i got this blocked in time.
i have another in me, different colors for sure.


Linda Monroe said...


Manise said...

Love it! Looks nice and warm too.

KathyB said...

Speed Knitter!!! It's beautiful. :~)