Tuesday, January 21, 2014

fiber catch up

after all my excitement in finishing my christmas craft, i never posted all my other woolly happenings! here are those sweet snowflakes in my window. i just love them. they just gently swing and i think of sarah each time one catches my eye ;)

i ran into a bit of a snag with my medusa. when i got into the lace portion of the pattern ( after slogging through miles of stockinette stitch) i needed to be mindful of my stitches. so much so, that i would sit alone at the kitchen counter saying the pattern out loud so that i would get it right. then when i got to the last two rows, i doubted myself. the pattern was very clear, i understood what it was asking, but i still needed verification that i was right. thank goodness for tina turner knits. she took one look, had me knit it, and i was on the right path.
watching all the points come off the needles, well, it makes me want to cast another right on!
as much as i want to, i just can't get distracted. i have several things with a firm completion date, so i need to stay on task. because i keep getting distracted.....
yes, those are baby hats. two infant hats with a touch of lace. no reason why these needed to be made. none. i was in the basement, searching for some handspun to give as a gift and found this yarn. it's lamb's pride lanaloft in blueberry patch and before i knew what was happening, it was in my project bag cast on. the first one was so dear, that i knit the second to finish the ball. i'll toss them in the gift box. you never know when you'll need a baby hat for a gift!
i have been spinning. quite a bit actually. my new fiber friend has inspired my to get back to spinning every day. it's amazing how productive you can be when you actually do the work.
these just  need to be plied. BFL roving from amythefibergoddess in shades of blue.

started this on new year's day..... champagne blush from bittersweet yarn. kathy found this first at rhinebeck and there was just one 3.9 oz hank left for me. this is just lovely roving, and such a soft color it will need just the right pattern.
of course, i was distracted again with a new pattern that one of the fiber ladies made. so distracted that i  hunted up some handspun and cast one on. i should have it done soon, and i'll tell all about it.

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Linda Monroe said...

Oh, these are all gorgeous. That lace pattern is stunning - totally worth the extra effort it clearly requires. I was tickled to see Sarah's snowflakes in your window. She is making a few for herself... they are darling and she likes to crochet - it gives her a nice break from job searching on her computer all the time. We have real life big flakes to grace our windows tonight. 8 inches expected so we are hunkered down for the evening - sometimes it's nice to play hookie from yoga and other stuff and just be lazy. Enjoy your fiber. Keep on knitting!