Monday, November 25, 2013

project endings

at least a few of my projects are done, or nearly there. the gotland fleece that i got in rhinebeck was washed and dried, then i was swayed into combing it. combing a fleece is much like combing hair.... putting all those strands in alignment and getting the snarls out. unlike little girl hair, you can't spray it with tangle-free stuff to make it easier ;)
i gathered up my combs and invited myself to a lesson. kathy was in on the fleece deal, and has oodles of skill and know-how. we weighed our fleeces and really only lost a bit in the washing.
i washed mine with unscented purex he laundry soap which did a very nice job cleaning those locks. we clamped the combs to the table and my lesson began.
the fiber is stunning, so soft with gentle color variations. i soon realized that i will be combing this wee little fleece for a very long time. i promised myself to do a bit each day to keep learning and maybe i'll get this done. i'm anxious to spin some, but i want to get at least half of it combed before i start.
the baby tulip sweater went to it's owner yesterday. the baby shower was charming. they held it at a town park in the new lodge. there was a fire in the fireplace, beautiful decorations and lots of well wishers to this new babe. the mom (my cousin) was radiant, enjoying every minute.

all the clothes were hung up and looked so sweet. i can just see this outfit out for a stroll next fall, picking up leaves and chasing after daddy....
she has everything she needs for a wonderful, wild ride into mommyhood!

my other finish is the hananninanni that amythefibergoddess and i have been knitting. it was truly kicking my butt near the end, but i perserverred and cast off yesterday. pictures and details tomorrow when i get it on the blocker.


Linda Monroe said...

That combing looks like a project indeed. The baby sweater is adorable. What an ice job you did on it. I love the pictures! Have a very happy thanksgiving.

thecrazysheeplady said...

That is a darling sweater! And that combed'll be hooked :-).

Sheepmom said...

Good job! Don't you just love the feeling you get when a project is done and handed to the recipient? Can't wait to see the next one.