Sunday, February 12, 2012

sandy's open house

winter arrived yesterday, just in time for my travels to freedom. freedom actually is a place, south east of buffalo that is the home of longmeadow farms. i always encounter an adventure when i make my way  to sandy's event, this year i encountered a parade. yes, i said parade. it was a balmy 13 with gusty, snowy breezes for the winterfest activities in the small community of arcade. when the young police officer stopped me, i showed him my directions, affected a 'lost woman' attitude and he took pity on me. after a short wait, we were on our way again.
the snow fall did not deter the fiber enthusiasts. there were wheels galore, lots of knitting, warmth and laughter as we enjoyed our afternoon.
i had finished my cranberry roving the night before, so i had empty bobbins and a hankering for something yummy to spin. the show special were 'fiber bricks' these unique hand carded batts were folded into a ... you guessed it ... a brick. i chose two that were alike so i would have 6 ounces of singles when i'm done.

with all the yarn, fiber, buttons and specials it was hard to not bring it all home. i showed amazing restraint and only added a card of buttons and jar of hand cream to my fiber.
as i was spinning away i posed a spinning question to the group and was astounded with the answers. i wanted to know opinions on singles. should they sit on the  bobbin, did the twist really need to be set or was that a wacky thought that i interpreted wrong. a lively discussion ensued and i could not believe how much i learned. so, my singles are sitting on the bobbin setting even as i type.
we left relaxed and energized from all the woolly goodness. can't wait til next year.

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Diane said...

A remarkably pleasant way to spend the day!