Monday, February 6, 2012


i am not a big sports fan. i enjoy the occasional baseball game, maybe a hockey game, but definitely not a 'go team' kind of gal. it wasn't in our family life growing up and i never connected in college, so it just passed me by. i try to stay current to be able to socially converse ( and not seems like a dweeb )
there are two parts i like about the super bowl: one is the commercials. with you tube, i don't even have to watch the game, i can just watch them. last year, it was all about the eminem-detroit one. this year, i appreciated them dragging out ole' clint eastwood and it did touch my heartstrings, but it was the honda-crv one that won!
the second is the sale at my lys. after my adventure in not having commercial yarn at hand i was all about stocking the stash. at 15% off, this seemed liked a great time. i had a blast. fondling yarns, dreaming about projects, filling my basket ( and my fellow shopper )
malibrigo. a luscious yarn that has awesome colourways and is delightful to work with. since i wasn't shopping alone, i also purchased vest yarn.....
i was reminded that my partner has been consistently wearing all the vest in the closet, so is rightfully due for a new one. the colors are perfect for spring, so will be fun to work with. it seems silly to make that statement since we really haven't had any winter, but i do enjoy thinking about spring heading our way.

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Linda Monroe said...

I loved the adult Ferris Beueller Day off ad also. What fun, although, somehow the original car in the movie was a bit cooler than a Honda, but fun regardless. Did you see the 'naked' M&M's commercial. We all loved that one too. Kind of reminded me of Tim a bit with his funny - party expression. Check it out below:

As for your fiber: Looks like you got some fabulous colors at your sale. Can't wait to see what you make with them all.