Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas socks

at the spinning meeting last weekend, there was a spinner with handmade holiday socks. just plain socks, but knit with a holiday yarn. they were so festive and such a great project for a knitter. who doesn't need holiday socks on the holiday?
it bounced around in my brain that i never asked where she got the yarn, but with the internet i was sure i could find some. then the light bulb went off and i realized that this would be an awesome yarn that amythefibergoddess could create. so a few days later when she left a message, i wasn't surprised. i love that i have a cohort who mind-melds with me. the only hitch, was while i was thinking that amy would dye the yarn, she was thinking that we would buy the yarn.
with a little internet searching, the yarn was found and at my door in two days. so next year, holiday socks! ( even i'm not nutty enough to think i'd have them done this year )

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Diane said...

They were knit from a Lorna's Laces colorway. I doubt I have the band anymore, but in the skein, it was mostly white with large dots of red and green. The pattern is the easy part...Feather and Fan from Sensational Socks (Charlene Schurch).