Friday, April 22, 2011


at our last guild meeting we were able to dye our handspun yarn. i have been eagerly awaiting this program..... even though i have the best dyers in the world for my friends, it was a piece of magic that i needed to own. i have patiently spun my two-ounce skeins, wound them each very loosely into yarn patties, and soaked them overnight.

we drained the excess water out of the yarn, then filled our microwavable containers with about an inch of water and added 2 tablespoons of vinegar,then the dye choices. kool-aid in a variety of color/flavors yielded a softer color, easter egg tablets were vibrant. i did both. (of course :) i used kool-aid in orange first, setting my yarn patty into the color bath. then they were rotated through the microwave, heating to just below boiling to prevent felting. when cool, you repeated the liquid adding another color. i went with a watermelon/strawberry. my second yarn patty you see here in vibrant yellow and orange. wowser! these colors are amazing!

i have no idea what i could possibly create from these yarns, but just looking at them makes me happy.... and sometimes that's enough!

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