Friday, October 8, 2010


several years ago, i think it was my first visit to rhinebeck, i wandered into a booth filled the most gorgeous kits. sweaters, vests, blankets, they were stunning. here's where the story goes south.... i walked away. i checked the price, had sticker shock, and just left. as i thought more about it, i realized that they were very reasonably priced, and why would you want to go cheap on something that you would wear forever? life lessons.

sadly, they have never been back to rhinebeck. i search every year and still feel that pang of regret. the important part is that i learned my lesson. i keep a small fund for those types of finds and one just crossed my path. huge fan of 'blue moon fiber arts', huge. i've done lots of 'socks that rock' played with the roving and generally bemoaned the distance to the studio. since it is located in washington (state) it makes a road trip.... unlikely! so i content myself with the website, visits at fiber fests, and my current stash. a pattern was promoted several months ago and i fell in love. well, it was extreme lust, but hey, i'm flexible with my affections. then a promotion comes along and ...... it was mine!

moonstruck is a cardigan that i will be knitting in gaea ( organic merino ) colorway~grawk. can't wait to cast on!

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