Wednesday, October 6, 2010


remember the gator bag? created for my sister, naughty, it has become my best gift ever. she loves that darn thing. when it didn't win first place at the fiber fest, naughty took it as a personal insult (remind you, there were tons of awesome creations and i was thrilled that it was even in the top three).
so, naughty is on the road. with allison. i've started receiving the pictures of her travels. naughty is visiting california and took the bag onto the plane (refusing to check it in her luggage as allison would not do well in a small enclosed space like that)
here she is visiting the ginormous redwoods in northern california. go naughty!

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914Lin said...

Just saw another photo of Allison in a pedi-cab in Santa Cruz, CA. Also heard she had an encounter with 4 sailors in San Fran ... no photos exist of that. Wonder why?????