Wednesday, September 22, 2010

festival fun

wow, the 2010 fiber festival came and went in a blur! i didn't even have the opportunity to savor the anticipation, plan my days or stress about the display. hmmm, wonder what that means? too much other life events dragging me down perhaps? regardless, i had an absolutely fabulous time and learned about me. how? well i had two very different shopping experiences and i loved them both!
first, the festival. set-up on friday went smooth as silk. amythefibergoddess and i had many hands helping and the display was lovely.
guild folks really came through providing us with 26 gators for the display. i have to tabulate the viewers choice winner, but there are lots of votes!
saturday's weather was truly festival perfect, sunny skies and mild temperatures. i spent 2 1/2 hours at the ticket booth with joan and it was a hoot! such fun greeting festival goers and wishing them well. my only purchase was 1 1/2 pounds of nistock farms roving in blue jeans. i was quite proud that i scurried into robin's booth and asked what she had. i love her roving, so ppleasurable to spin and work with. so now my stash is fuller and i'll have that to savor. naughty was thrilled to see allison in the skein and garment display sporting a ribbon. she won second place in the felted accessories category.
sunday was cold and drizzle kept falling from the sky. amy and i did a quick (super-quick) shop in one of the barns securing several bundles of roving from susan's spinning bunny. the colorways are all similar, but the fiber content varies - merino/tencel, polworth and falkland. i'm interested in seeing if my falkland fascination continues with this. we had time constraints, so we decided quickly and purchased fast. later joan and i spent our time strolling into every booth, chatting with vendors and really studying the fibers. i ordered some from jill draper (she'll bring it to rhinebeck) and while i was wandering around a vendor grabbed me to watch her booth (bathroom run) as i was sitting there, i realized that she was new to the festival. we looked at all her stuff and both ended up purchasing. would never have done that if i wasn't her temporary booth guardian!
and lastly, a fleece. not just any fleece a lamb fleece. the twin won grand champion, and since sandy is a dear, she sold this beauty. joan and i are going to split this which will be great. i'm trying not to count my raw fleece accumulations, but i'll be doing lots of washing this week!
wonderful weekend, can't wait to sink my fingers into all this cool stuff!

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