Saturday, September 4, 2010

fair day

i love the fair. just love it. i look forward to the four hours of dedicated spinning time in the wool center, listening to the sheep chatting across the way and seeing all those fair goers. it's also a hoot to meet new fiber peeps and learn stuff. i met two gals this year who were just delightful. both spinners, one gal has a flock of sheep and the other adopted a bottle baby. yep, just one sheep that lives with her sisters goats (she live in the village and can't keep him there) he is a lap lamb that is totally unaware that he is a sheep. a herd animal that should be roaming the hill and pastures. nope, he eats his grains and waits for his mom to come and cuddle him every day. i know, i know, i can't go getting any crazy-pants ideas that this could work for me. (but it soooo could :)

this is what i got spun.... two bobbins on the right are the falling leaves wool/mohair blend from steam valley fibers that i thought i hated. my first batch was very sticky, but washed up beautifully. the bobbin on the left is coopworth from maple ridge farm in eggplant. i didn't know i had this when i went stash diving. i wanted to give it a try before rhinebeck to make sure i loved it just in case i needed to get more. i'm extremely glad i got a pound. who knew i was that smart?


914Lin said...

Thought of you spinning at the Fair on Friday. Glad you had a great time! Love you! NeeNee

Linda Monroe said...

I love fairs too, although I never knew that they had sections for spinning. Is that just a NY fair thing or if we go to the fair in MA, will they have that too? I'll check it out when we go in October. Glad you had a good time. Looks like nice weather!