Tuesday, June 9, 2009

porch swing

one of my special pleasures is sitting on my porch swing. living in a small village, it's really a slice of americana to listen to the street sounds and passersby. the weather has just become inviting enough to indulge this, and friday...... a treat arrived in the mail. this issue reminds me why i subscribe. it was full of great articles, achievable patterns and truly interesting stuff. to i knit alittle, read alittle, enjoyed alot!
the weekend was all about the new garden. i've never professed to have even the slightest skill in growing plants. my dear partner has found his nitch in all sorts of landscaping endeavors. he loves to plan, shop and put it all together. so when amy, thefibergoddess, remarked that she was selling hosta i was on it. i kept purchasing her stock (much to her dismay) and left her wondering what i was going to do with 34 assorted hosta. behold, the new garden.the plan is to continue it to the back yard, but for now we have plants, a bench, a walking path and aching backs!

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