Friday, June 19, 2009


this photo does not do it justice, here is my latest ..... the swirl shawl done in my handspun. the fiber was from nistock farms a lamb's wool/ silk blend. i spun it v e r y fine, almost lace weight, then plied. that is the top of our hot tub. a perfect repository for a blocking project. it basked in the sun and breeze, not disturbed by dog, kids or partner.

so that left me to finish some spinning. this is 8 ounces of fiber from the shepards market. it was very concentrated with vm, making it less that lovely to spin.... but the finished product? lovely.i needed all my bobbins empty for my spinning class this weekend. i'm taking my first every spinning class @ webs taught by barbara parry aka sheepgal. i'll give all details when i return.
of course i was distracted by time in the patch, strawberry patch that is!

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