Tuesday, April 12, 2016

not much to show

i've got a project on the loom that i just can't seem to finish. i know the reason is that i have not been working on it! yikes..... i've been working on a stealth knitting project that is finally completed. it was not complicated, just had a deadline. as does this weaving project.
i was wandering around in the stash and found this lovely yarn. by the amount i had purcashed, i must have been thinking sweater. well, it's going to be a poncho. i have it on my larger loom warped to the brim!
i totally hope that what i want to use this for will by unnessecary. what is it? well, the trip to mary-land of course. the last several years have been cool (at least by my standards) and this will be perfect to toss on in the morning and in the damp barns. so watch.... this is the year that it's in the 90's.
i finished the spinning for the guild knit-a-long and cast it on last night. i'm not completely sold on this.......
i'll keep going and wait for amythefibergoddess to give me her opinion. it is soft beyond belief so it is a delight to work on. the further i go, the more it reminds me of a garden..... beans, peas, carrots, beets...... need a bit more to decide.

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