Friday, January 1, 2016

wrapping up the old-year....

things got away from me there at the end of 2015. finishing up the semester, holiday baking, holiday knitting, holiday weaving...... but i got it all done. voila.....
we constructed our usual five gingerbread houses. there was a moment of frustration when in my hast i didn't let the frosting set. i was able to selvage all but one, so grandpa got the crooked roof. we delivered them quickly so the four pawed creatures would not be tempted to investigate those yummy smells. and boy, did they have the most amazing aroma! i'm not sure what i did differently, but they smelled fabulous. the wine cardigans were gifts for my honey's work associates. the ladies had pearl necklaces and the dudes had buttons. i knew well in advance that he needed these, but it was down to the wire to get them finished.
i have fallen in love with houndstooth. really, its more like lust. i just can't seem to weave enough of these. this one was gifted to a very dear friend who is quite finicky about apparel. i was assured that he would love it, but until he put in on (and then didn't take it off.... the entire afternoon) i was wringing my paws :)
these were gifted to our yoga friends. we've been going to this class as a family twice a week for the entire year. you can really build a yoga family when doing down-dog together!
santa left this under my tree......
a 32 inch kromski harp rigid heddle loom and stand. i love my schacht to pieces and wanted to have one with a bit more width. we're still in the early dating stage, trying to figure each other out..... but i did get this done
remember the yarn amythefibergoddess dyed for me? well here it is woven, washed and drying. i was afraid the i was going to run out of yarn as i was warping, so i mixed in some of the lighter weft yarn and the stripes are stunning. it's all stitched and wrapped, waiting under the tree for our family christmas celebration tomorrow. i'll post photo's of the recipient modeling it :)
while i love the width, it has become a challenging finding a spot that is safe and yet i'm still part of the conversation. until the tree comes down this is the best spot.
i'm certain that 2016 will be filled with crazy, fibery adventures!

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Sheepmom said...

Fantastic. Looks like you've found your bliss! One of several ;-) And isn't weaving a dandy way to eat up yarn stash? The dent becomes a hole which must be filled! Carry on!