Monday, May 25, 2015

not much knitting

that i can show! i'm slogging along on the pillow project.... and it's a really good thing i got an extra month. we decided to post-pone the return for the exchange until june because there were several conflicts with the may guild meeting. what you may ask? this was one.....
amythefibergoddess was at the Brockport graduation and i was at the FLCC event. i took an easy knitting project and got a few rows done. wrapping up all those end of semester projects, planning a party, getting everything ready, just ate up all my fiber time. i'm itching to play with my new stuff from maryland, but i must. knit. pillow. i have absolutely no idea why this is dragging for me. i'm about halfway done. really.
i've been busy with other fiber things. kathy and i visited the hemlock fairgrounds to check out the new building...
it is massive! we needed to see it all in person to have a better perspective on the the placement of our vendors, demonstrators and guests. we can only hope for a day like this one for the festival!
i also committed to doing the 'color run'. it's billed as a fun 5k (which was hard to contemplate). i've been training since april to be ready to go.
as we were pre-registering the thermometer said 52, and it felt like 32! i said that jokingly to amy, not really thinking that it would be that cold the next day. it was.
i had so many layers on i didn't think i could move, let alone run. the sun was wonderful, the gals were full of energy and we got pumped! i took one layer off.
yes, that's amythefibergoddess, marvelous marcia and the gals. we had a blast!

best time ever! it's on my list of do-overs.

and i'm still knitting the pillow.....

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