Monday, December 15, 2014

i've been spinning

with all the frantic knitting excitement surrounding ~christmas on the farm~ i found myself in need of some time at my wheels. i started spinning some of amy's lovely wool/silk blend the day of the event, so i just kept going. as i was going along, i noticed that robin nistock had some roving titled: wine country, that would be perfect to ply with what was on my wheel. i wanted a pound, and since there was a titch more in the bag, i took the entire thing.... it just seemed right!
i wanted chunky, homespun yarn..... not sure what it will be ( i may stay on this boot topper craze)
i think the top picture is the better representation of color. it's grey outside, so all my photo's are dismal! while i was empting that wheel, i finally finished my rhinebeck roving.
last year i got the colorway in a merino/silk blend. this year i got it on my wheel and decided to use my new skill (from barbara perry's class) and plyed it with thread. i love it! it let me keep the long bands of color, but made it a two ply that will increase my options for a finished product.
the last set of boot toppers. these are a gift so i was anxious to finish them up. now back to my regularly scheduled projects.


Sheepmom said...

So pretty! I love how the light green pops out of the purple but doesn't look garish - if you said 'purple and green' I'd think Blech, but it's great! Nice spinning!
Keep knitting! Christmas is coming fast! Tick tock, you know ;-)

Diane said...

Nice! I'm looking forward to skeining my thread-plied yarn, too.