Thursday, October 16, 2014

samples sell

i will be the first to admit that i have fallen victim to an enticing project that was on display. remember last year? amythefibergoddess and i came back from rhinebeck with yarn from briar rose to knit the shawl from their booth. i spotted it as i was walking down a human packed path at the festival. i was like a bull with a red flag waving in my face. there was barely any discussion ( except for color) and that yarn was in my bag.
the same thing happened last weekend at webs. we walked slowly through the store.... touching, dreaming, chatting about the inventory and there it was. the colors drew me in.... the design sealed my fate. the poor sweet gal who helped me was online, finding the pattern, book was out of stock, getting yarn amounts, yarn was out of stock and i could not be swayed from the sample. truth be told, if i had seen it in any of the other colors, or just the pattern, not a second glance would it have gotten.
this arrived on tuesday.
i had already purchased interweave fall 2014 online magazine......
and i was off! the wrap is constructed with 17 triangles across the bottom and short rows for the top. i've made it to triangle 10. the construction reminds me of the baby blanket i made a few years back for baby samples. you just pick up stitches on the side of a triangle, cast on some more and off you go. it's a sickness.
remember my vacation project? windward that i purchased yarn, pattern, needles from a delightful shop in glouster, mass. again, i was captivated by the just finished project and yarn.... finally got it done and blocked.
i'm still working with how to wear it. the yarn couldn't be nicer and with the gentle fall weather i'm wearing it often.