Thursday, August 21, 2014


while i was buying my baskets at the maryland sheep & wool festival, i bought some roving. i think i bought 12 ounces of targhee and 16 ounces of merio. there were 4 ounces in a baggie and i grabbed several. it was white, commercial top and ridiculously cheap! it's been sitting in my parlor, waiting for a turn in the dye pot. Yesterday i spent the day with amythefibergoddess dyeing up all sorts of goodies for the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival.  she was also getting her roving dyed and ready. i tossed my bundles into a pan, soaked them with water and started playing. it's really bad when you don't have a plan, but it can also give you some amazing surprises..... behold....
drying between the raindrops are 8 ounces of ombre in a southwestern colorway and 8 ounces that looks like a watercolor painting with greens, blues and purples. i couldn't be happier.
now i've got to get fiber off the wheel and this batch dried so i can spin on!

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