Saturday, October 29, 2011

remaking a gift

amythefibergoddess gifted me with this awesome knitted gift. it meets two of my favorite things... knitting and wine! she found it in a local gift shop, and surprisingly is was actually hand knit. of course immediately i decided i needed to make one. we scoured ravelry to find a pattern and i ordered it. after i started knitting, i realized that it was so not going to work.

what to be done but cast on and try to replicate the pattern. i'm using size 10.5 dbp and nashua chunky yarn in a vine-y color. it is going great! i can't believe that i actually had the sense to bag the first one and apply myself to making a really nice one. hmmmmm, knitters maturity perhaps? so i put the entire project into my new knitting bowl, a gift to me and my bd this year.

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Diane said...

Perhaps...every now and then I see flashes of that in myself.