Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my busy may

my may is full of adventures. lots of happenings and adventures, but little time to savor each before the next one begins. last weekend found me enjoying some time away with the girls in my family. we started the tradition in 1994 and have made it an annual event. a destination was chosen, weekend selected, and away we went. when the kidlets began arriving, the venue was switched to someones home. this year we decided to destination at the jersey shore.
i brought my wheel and had ocean breezes to keep me company. this is the fiber i purchased in maryland at the little barn. it's okay, but i'm not in love with it. color is perfect for the yarn recipient and i decided it would be a fun color to play with.

my eldest naughty sibling decided that all my fiber paraphernalia deserved a hide and seek...
luckily i found it all before we headed home. i had a blast beach walking, biking, shopping and sharing time with my gals!!

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